Keeping your pet Guinea Pig happyguinea

It’s important to give your pet a good start in life so that he/she starts out healthy and stays that way. Guinea pig care begins with proper food, and these pets eat hay, forage grasses, and pellets. You can look for packaged mixes that contain hay plus extra goodies like oat hulls, hulled sunflower seeds, and ground wheat and corn. There are also pellet mixtures available, but they are not a substitute for hay. You need to be certain he gets enough vitamin C, phosphorus, and calcium. Most packet mixed cater for that!

One of the reasons for the calcium is that guinea pigs have open-rooted teeth, which means they never stop growing. The nails also need to be trimmed about every four to six weeks. In fact, some experts recommend using a regular human nail trimmer to cut just a little every week; this causes the vein that runs in his nails-the “quick”-to recede a little. If you don’t trim his nails, they’ll develop a retro-curl that digs painfully into their pads.

Guinea pigs groom themselves, and sometimes they groom each other. You can join in with a brush. This helps to remove loose hair on a daily basis. And if you like, you can bathe them occasionally in shallow water using kitten shampoo.

Good guinea pig care includes learning about some common mistakes made by well-meaning owners. For example, they do not do well with giant wheels and exercise balls. These can cause injury. The drinking water you provide daily should not be the medium for their vitamin drops, leave the water clear. Many guinea pigs hate the taste of the vitamins, so they’ll avoid their water and become dehydrated.

As much as your guinea pig is going to bond with you, he’ll be even happier if he has a companion. He’ll do well with a male buddy as long as there’s no female around. You can also put a baby in with an adult, as long as both of them are the same sex. Keep an eye on them for a couple hours to be certain they don’t fight.

If you want to provide a great home to guarantee a happy guinea pig, care should be taken to choose a large cage. You need two square metres for one guinea pig, and allow one square metre more for every additional pet.

Enjoy and have fun with your guinea pigs!